The YAGA 2.2

Visiting 5 Islands with floating parties and concerts on land/ on sea. Multiple DJ sets, Live Concert, artists with different music styles & the sea brings the people together in a sailing vacation with a festival vibe. Music from Funk, Electronic, Jazzy to Disco, Soul R&B and Rap.
Visiting 5 Islands with floating parties and concerts on land/ on sea. Multiple DJ sets, Live Concert, artists with different music styles & the sea brings the people together in a sailing vacation with a festival vibe. Music from Funk, Electronic, Jazzy to Disco, Soul R&B and Rap.
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    You come with your friends and meet new ones

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    New day, New bay, New Island

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    Experience the beauty of sailing

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    Our style of travel is hybrid and includes parties in secluded bays and on land.

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    Activities: swimming, snorkeling, cliff jumping, ski jets, wakeboarding, paddle boarding, ATV tour

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    Visit picturesque areas, watch the sunsets and explore traditional Greek cuisine.

- The ones who want to have the freedom to explore multiple Greek Islands
- Sailing lovers
- People that preffer the feeling of a festival but in a smaller circle
- Single explorers, group of friends, or couples that like to travel unconventionally

- Welcome Package
- Professional Skippers as
tour guides with local knowledge and local friends
- An entire sailing yacht or a spot in a cabin/ double cabin
- Insurance of the Yacht
- Marina Taxes
- Seawage
- Dinghy with engine and gasoline
- Diesel for the entire week
- Route Planning
- Safety briefing,
- Navigation rollplays and training ( upon request)
- Fresh linens and towels with all the equipment you need on a yacht for one week
- Shared cooking on the boats. Food supplies will be delivered free of charge at the boat when ordered from the supermarkets.
- Access to live concerts and exclusive parties on yachts or on land

- Transportation to the marina and back.
- Personal allowence and provisions on yacht (aprox 70 eur / person / week ) – usually food and drinks provisions are agreed by all guests on a yacht, and the cost is shared.
- Deposit 250eur ( refundable at the end if no events)

The Artists
Artists are counting the days left.
The program will be announced....
Easy to access with boarding from Athens ports. We visit remote locations & build epic rafts. More informations will be announced after the booking confirmation. Appropiate for groups of friends or a smaller number of people (couples) or single. We hand piked and sailed all the boats and we can offer you a unique combination of 1st class service, comfort and entertainment. You will have all the details at the right momment. For now, just pick your yacht and we do the rest.
The Schedule
The skippers first priority is our safety, the 2nd is our comfort and this is non-negotiable. By attending to this floating event, you agree to all the terms and conditions set forth and abide by all rules regarding the music program, respect for the sea and the people around you. We reserve the right to research, select or exclude participants.

Saturday- Athens/Alimos Port

We all meet in Alimos port  for coffee  and deal with:

  • Papers of the boats.
  • Each group/person will meet the angels.
  • Will sign skippers’ agreement, festival rules and pay the refundable security deposit.
  • Each boat will meet the Skipper and synchronize with him the shopping for provisions.
  • Skippers will inspect very carefully all yachts.
  • At aprox. 17:00 hour we check in with the skipper and have a small safety briefing.
  • In the evening, we do social meetings or rest.

Sunday- Poros Island/Private bay

Starting hour: 08:00. We start towards our 1st destination, Poros, Russian Bay.  By afternoon, all yachts are moored and all guests are in the water.

  • Angels will form teams for 1, 2, 3 activities:
  • Beach Volley, SUP, eat on the beach (orders in advance by Whatsapp groups, payment only by cash)
  • Activity with ATV/scooter at Temple of Poseidon at 18:00 for interested persons (you will need a scooter and a transfer to take the scooter)
  • Party on the beach starting at 21:00, until late into the night. NB: the bar is cash only

Monday- Hydra Port

Touch and go in Poros main port to pick up the guys that returned the scooters and then sail towards Hydra – if the weather allows us, we take-over the port.

  • No party today, just free time, enjoying a fine, cosmopolitan and special place
  • At 20:30 we enjoy the sunset with a short musical surprise at the Hydroneta
  • Bars will be opened in the center for more drinks
  • Restaurants are considered attractions, considering their excellent food
  • One close beach within walking distance is a solution for those who want a remote area to relax
  • For others, the solution for water jumping and tanning is on the rocks, next to Hydroneta, Spillia, where you can also do Cliff jumping – highly recommended if you’re not afraid of water
  • Fine dining and Greek cuisine are available for food lovers

Tuesday- Dokos Island

This day will be remote, in a secluded bay of Dokos Island, small bay (no restaurant), no neighbors.


  • SUP, fender jump with the monohull
  • Water jumping contest
  • Party set up on Ventura cat L50
  • Sunset with musical line-up and after-hours
  • Free time

Wednesday- Spetses Old Port

Spetses has some of the Hydra charm and we are here for the good mood, walking around the island and Greek cuisine. We will drop anchors in the old port in front of a very good Greek tavern and we will eat good and enjoy the island.


  • ATV/scooter tour
  • Horseback-riding on the coastal road, 45 min
  • Shopping
  • Eating
  • Free time
  • Greek Cuisine

NO PARTY just enjoy the beauty of the island

Thursday- Moni Island

On this day we all start the returning leg.  We drop anchor at Moni Island – uninhabited place, full of peacocks and deer. All yachts will be moored before the sunset.

(no restaurant here so this means it’s time for cooking pasta with shrimps, feta and all the other Greek goodies).

  • Last party is tonight
  • We set up everything on the beach

Friday- Pistachio Plantation & back to Athens

Last day, last leg and we return to Athens.

  • In the morning, at 9:30 o’clock we organize a tour of the pistachio plantation in Aegina
  • Be ready for the transfer to Perdika fishing port by taxi boat and from there a bus will take everyone to the plantation. Schedule: 2 hours transport to the plantation and 1 hour to visit the plantation
  • The Tour will take approximately 1 hour and contains analytical information/presentation about the Pistachio History of Aegina, how they cultivate the pistachio and moreover the whole pistachio production cycle!! The tour takes place among the Pistachio Trees and production machinery. We go there for the experience, sampling/testing products and shopping of the best pistachio in the world
  • At 14:00 a clock we sail back to Athens, because by 17:00 all yachts have to be docked in the marina
  • 20:30 dinner reservation

Saturday – Check-Out

  • Guest check-out at 8:00
  • Last inspection confirmation at 9:00
  • Deal with all deposits and refund everything back if no incidents
  • Hugs & kisses

The Yachts
We believe that you should have everything ready for touch and go. So that's why we are including everything in the price except your provisions ( this is a variable cost for each of you) and transportation to and from the marina. But in case we are missing something we are willing to listen and make sure you receive what you need. The yachts are equiped with everything you need and each cabin has it's own toilet & shower. We will consult each of you and recommend the best options.
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Early bird 856
Full Price 980
This is a pack with a great sailing yacht, modern monohull design 42ft up to 50ft, good standard with 4 double cabins for 8 people, 4 toilets & showers, plus 1 crew cabin, a saloon and kitchen equipped with everything you need for one week. When sailing, the feeling on this boat is more sporty than on a catamaran but is floating the same as all the boats. and is taking you from one bay to another.
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Catamaran - Standard
Early bird 1066
Full Price 1190
This pack has a standard 39 ft-40ft catamaran with more space & more space is always welcomed. Equipped with a sunbathing net, larger deck space, big lounge zone. The yachts has 4 double cabins for 8 people, 4 toilets & showers, plus 2 crew cabins, a saloon and kitchen with all the tools you need.
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Catamaran Standard Plus
Early Bird 1176
Full Price 1360
This pack is even more comfortable 41ft -42ft, bigger space, bigger bathrooms in each cabin and more options and equipment. 4 double cabins, 4 toilets & showers, plus 2 crew cabins, a saloon and kitchen, different technology and designs cushions for sunbathing and flybridge.
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Catamaran Premium
Early Bird 1286
Full Price 1460
This pack has 45ft - 46ft yacht, is with same No.of cabins (4 double) as previous, but the boat is a limousine when we are talking about comfort, super spaciouse and feeling of a private floating villa so that you can enjoy the most beautiful bays. It has also a flybridge so that you can enjoy amazing views next to your skipper.
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Catamaran Premium Plus
Early Bird 1386
Full Price 1670
This is the luxury pack, 47-48ft and certainly the most impressive yacht at first sight. Comes with a hostess as extra. This ultra-comfortable for 12 in 6 double cabins. It has the highest comfort. It has fly bridge ‘’rooftop Terrance’ and helm station for the king of the seas view. The fly bridge is divided into the helm and a lounge area, which means you, can socialize with your skipper.
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